Sunday, April 25, 2010

2010 Women's Retreat

Well, another year has come and gone. Where does the time go? All the hours of meetings and planning, registering and organizing, planning and making decorations, getting speakers, making gift bags, etc. So much work but so much fun and so rewarding to serve the women when the time comes. Just received word today of several ladies back in church and giving their hearts to the Lord as the result of the retreat. That's what it's all about.
This year had a sad note to it. Our Director, Kim Purvis, is leaving us to move to Alaska. Quentin will be the new Vice-President of the Alaskan Conference. Going to have to hook them up with our Michelle and Bryce. Kim will be dearly missed by all the women. Her southern ways have endeared her to all our hearts. Sweet smile, beautiful voice, dedication, willingness to try new things, have made our committee and Women's Ministries a success in Michigan. Alaska, you are lucky to be getting the Purvis team.
Well, Camp Au Sable couldn't let her go without a gift. This is what they hauled in. Took three of them to do it. So funny. Kim was truly surprised.

They also gave her a carton of Moose Tracks ice cream. We are preparing her for those big animals she can expect in her back yard. Hee Hee. A little different than a squirrel or a deer.

Our decorations were outstanding this year if I do say so myself. The banner is where we started. My talented daughter-in-law Natalie designed and made it at work. Thank you Natalie. It was perfect. Then Jane and I worked around that. God is funny how he can make it beautiful using two ladies from the other side of the state and only communicating several times during the year. When we get together, he has sent the perfect things we need to make it all come together.

The wonderful camp staff made everything possible. We brought the 3 chandeliers, and they constructed a frame, crawled into the ceiling to hang it without any holes, cleaned up the insulation mess, got it working so we could actually turn them on, hung our curtains and banner. Another big thanks. Couldn't have done it without you guys.

I put the Cricut to work making the centerpieces again this year. Each chandelier took 4 pieces cut out. Then all folded down the center after which I had to glue all the sides together. Little gems were then put on. Maria glued the skewer painted silver on at the camp. I spray painted all the styrofoam blocks with silver glitter, wrapped the ribbon around, and put a beaded string on top with straight pins. The candles were printed on wraps I found at Michaels.
Just put it this way, every step took twice as long as I had planned. Finished them in the nick of time. Whew ! We will use the white and black ones for our tea party/piano recital in a couple of weeks. Should be cute with a bit of pink thrown in for the girls at school.
I thought the sliver and black would be the nicest, but the pink and white showed up the best. After three weeks of moving and replacing all weekend, they started getting a lean to them. Drove me nuts every time I walked through the dining room I had to go and try to straighten as many as possible. Never ending job.

We also made the little pink cards on the table above as a favor. They were pink recipe cards we printed, cut out, punched, put on a ring, and tied a ribbon around. 600 of them. Sarah came over one day for about 2 hours and thought we could get them done. We succeeded in putting 400 together and had ribbons on 200 for the first weekend. Had to finish when I got to camp and did 200 more before the third weekend.
Our speaker couldn't have been better. Ruth Ann Thompson if anyone is interested in using her. So sweet and down to earth. Originally from MI so she had fond memories and many friends from the "olden" days of Camp Au Sable and Cedar Lake Academy that she got to see.

Our retreats are always the first 3 weekends of April. Can't wait for next year. I go for sure the 1st and 3rd weekends and some times all three. Would love to have all my friends from church and around the state join me. Keep in on your schedule. Prices are not going up again and there are many comfortable places to stay if you get your reservation in early enough. Just call me if you have any questions. Start planning early. You will be blessed and come closer to God in this day and age when we need him more.


Tina in CT said...

You are so original and crafty. I think you and Sarah could be party planners. You cover it all down to the last detail.

The Haytons said...

What a blessing! Thank you for sharing on your blog. The decor was super cute too. Very beautiful!

Tina in CT said...

I just had an email from Cecelia. Congrats to your family. We need pictures out here in blogland.